gtk-tutorial: calendar demo broken?


did anybody try the calendar demo from the tutorial? I compiled and run
it and it works fine except that it prints out the wrong date, always
one day after - I mark the 20th of a given month and it prints "Signal:
day_selected 19.12.2001". It isn't influenced by the "WEEK_START_MONDAY"

I am not sure if it is just an error of the demo code or the widget
itself. The demo only seems to take the arguments given from the widget
itself. On the other side I didn't find anything in gtkcalendar.{c|h}

At least with my settings - I am using gtk+1.2.10 on a linux box (debian
woody - testing) - the demo code from the tutorial at is broken.

Before I will report this as a bug I would like to hear from others.



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