Re: gtk and multithreading

I had a similar problem using threads in a GTK application.
My problem was that my final gtk_main_quit would not end the
application.  A window would not destroy itself after a destroy
signal until I moved the mouse over it. 

I suppose it has to do with GTK not enjoying
multiple threads calling into GTK functions.

I solved my problem by making darn sure that my worker thread
made no GTK calls, just setting flags for the main thread to 
act upon.  I know that there are gdk functions for thread enter/exit,
but I don't understand how to use them.  

Do you have to wrap EVERY call to any gtk/gdk API functions with the
thread enter/exit calls in a multi-threaded app?

Is there a threading FAQ for GTK?

Thanks all,

Ralph Walden

Brad House wrote:
> I've got a problem.
> The main program I have calls gtk_main()
> and everything works great until I get into threads.
> What I'm trying to do is call a thread to connect to a remote
> server. And when it recieves a response, it needs to pop up a
> window showing the response.
> Well anyhow it works for the most part...I'm using libglade
> so I'm doing a gtk_widget_show(widget);  where the widget has
> already been referenced and hidden, etc.  But the use of
> libglade should be most irrelevant.
> the only problem is that the widget won't display until I move
> the mouse...
> if I use gtk_widget_show_now(widget) instead it gives me an error
> about the main loop running in another thread, but again it displays
> properly as soon as I move the mouse.
> The only solution I can think of is to emit an event of some sort, and
> have the main loop capture the event and show the window for me instead
> of having my thread do it, but this is my first attempt at creating any
> GUI ... ever ... anywhere. So, the whole event structure is new to me
> (but I seem to have everything else besides threads down!)
> Also, I looked at the example in the FAQ, and it IS showing a redraw
> of a text field.  So it seems as though a thread can update the GUI,
> so this really confuses me...maybe I'm not using the gdk_enter_thread()
> stuff properly....
> Any help would be much appreciated...thank you.
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