gtk_widget_destroy, gtk_object_destroy

Title: gtk_widget_destroy, gtk_object_destroy

What's the difference between gtk_widget_destroy and gtk_object_destroy? I guess every widget should be deallocated with gtk_widget_destroy and not with gtk_object_destroy, so, why there is no gtk_window_destroy, gtk_ctree_destroy, etc? Do they call a background destructor?

What are gtk_widget_ref and gtk_widget_unref for? How are them related to gtk_widget_destroy?

Can we gtk_object_ref a widget and gtk_widget_unref it? Because it seems it is possible.

Should we use gtk_widget_ref - gtk_widget_unref or gtk_object_ref - gtk_object_unref in every GTK program?

When we call gtk_main_quit what happen to all deallocated widgets? Is it wrong to call gtk_widget_destroy after gtk_main_quit?

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