Re: Memory Leak with gtk_timeout_add


Dave Caswell <davec asylum apocalypse org> writes:

> I put #if 0 around all the code in my timeout function, as well as all
> my drawing code and the memory consumtion continues.  It really looks
> like there's a memory leak in the timeout functions in gtk itself.

from a quick look at your source, I got the impression what you are 
doing is essentially:

timeout_event (gpointer data)
  gtk_timeout_add (delay, timeout_event, data);
  return TRUE;

main (void)
  gtk_timeout_add (delay, timeout_event, data);

this will of course eat all your CPU and memory since you adding a
new timeout each time the timeout_event is handled. The number of
timeouts registered to the main loop goes up exponentially. I'd
suggest you read

Then, consider using g_timeout_add() from GLib directly instead of 
the GTK wrappers.

Salut, Sven

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