missing mouse motion and release events

I'm having a problem with mouse motion events:  I press the mouse,
set a flag, and then I want to respond to mouse motion as long as the
button is down.  However, if I move the mouse outside the drawing
area, I can no longer get the mouse motion events.  And if I release
the button, I don't get the button up event.

Is there some other way to get this event?  [Assume the mouse is
released outside any of my program's windows.]  This is very
different than the behavior of other X-based toolkits, no?  It makes
my software feel unpleasantly buggy.

I see in Havoc's book that this is the documented behavior, but is
there no workaround?

I suppose I can do a lot of monkeying around with enter and leave
events, but it seems so unnecessary.


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