Re: GtkCombo

In message <200104192202 SAA34526 ww2 tqstats com>you write:
>Do anyone know what signal to use to handle the user clicking on the down arro
>in the GtkCombo widget?  In nearly 100% of the cases with our application,
>getting a valid list is a very expensive operation and the state of other
>widgets changes that list, so we only want to generate the list when needed by
>the user (and never generate the list if the user just types what he wants int
>the entry).

i believe that you want to use the "map" signal, and return FALSE from
your handler. its been a while since i did this, and i can't find the
code where i did it, so i'm not sure which widget you need to attach
to, but picking one of the lesser known signals like this is the way
to do this. i often do this for menus, for example: when map is
signalled, i redefine the content of the menu, return FALSE and voila:
a totally dynamic menu.


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