Re: Re-setting the callback function from within ... the callback function?

Chris Quinn <cq htec demon co uk> writes: 
> Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it isn't the signal just
> emitted that needs blocking but the next, which doesn't exist until
> a callback is attached by which time it is too late!
> I note that my version is 1.2.5. But I guess your 'misfeature'
> comment relates to the latest version. Do you know if it will it
> remain a misfeature, especially if, as it appears to me, it hinders
> implementation in the Continuation Passing Style, a style prevalent
> in the functional programming community (I myself am using an ML
> binding of the gtk calls)? If it is to remain, what are the chances
> of success hacking a fix into the source myself?

All versions that I know of contain this misfeature. It's possible
that Tim who does the signal stuff doesn't agree it's a misfeature, I
haven't asked him.

You can try to hack on this code, but it's beastly complex in there.

The main reason I'd consider it a misfeature is simply that people
don't expect it to happen, it doesn't really make sense to be notified
of an event that occurred before you connected the event listener. 
Sort of a time warp effect.

Suggest filing a report on with rationale.


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