Re: GScanner

On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, Paul Davis wrote:

> >flex is slower by orders of magnitude and gets very
> >inefficient as many static symbols arrive.
> >gscanner can also be used pretty esily to tokenize
> >in memory strings without generating lexing tables
> >and its runtime configurable for most things.
> if it integrated more naturally with bison, these might seem like
> better arguments :) i could *perhaps* live without flex's input file, 
> but making do without a bison grammar file as the basis for a parser
> seems like a sure way towards madness. but then again, i've never
> tried to use gscanner and bison, so perhaps its easier than it looks.
> i also don't recall how much support for regexps gscanner has. i
> should go and look.

it is pretty easy to get gscanner going with bison, however,
gscanenr doesn't support regexp at all.

> --p


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