Re: A slight flicker...any general rules

On Wed, Sep 27, 2000 at 06:24:03AM -0500, Tom Carter wrote:
> From my own experience I believe the flicker is related to the operating
> system.  I use GTK 1.2 and have an app that runs under SCO Unix 5.0.5 and
> under Solaris 8.  I also change the colors of buttons and there is quite a
> bit of flicker under SCO but none under Solaris.

Yes, it could be an issue of the video driver; which X servers are you

Are SCO UNIX 5.0.5 and Solaris 8 running on the same machine (yes, it is
possible to do so, if the machine is supported both by SCO UNIX 5.0.5
and Solaris 8/x86), or, at least, on machines using the same video card?
If not, it could also be an issue of the video hardware.

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