Re: installing 2.8

Dugas, Alan wrote:
> 	It appears either way works.

For this particular application. Did you check if it breaks any other
application on your system?

> It seems to me just a qustion of preference.

Until you have libraries with the same name in different directories.
Without LD_LIBRARY_PATH set, you have file system name space and that's
good, because you don't have to think about name collisions.

If you set LD_LIBRARY_PATH you have only global name space and applications
cannot use their libraries. Instead they'll have to use the libraries
you gave them.

For example. There is libtiff in /usr/openwin/lib. It's not compatible
with libtiff we normally use (it's an older version, 3.0 alpha or
something like that). If you set


certan number of applications won't work any more. If you change it, then
some other applications won't work any more. You can't have both.

Without LD_LIBRARY_PATH set and by using runpaths encoded in the executables
and libraries, you can have both and you never need to worry if your
LD_LIBRARY_PATH is still good enough (meaning it doesn't break too much
things) after the installation of another library or set of libraries.

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