ANNOUNCE: Glade-Perl 0.57

Hi all,

I have just uploaded perl module Glade-Perl-0.57.tar.gz to CPAN

and it is already available on my websites.

Glade-Perl generates perl source code from a Glade file - Glade is Damon
Chaplin's beautiful Gtk+/Gnome UI builder. 

Glade-Perl can display the UI as it is built and/or generate source code 
and it can be called directly from Glade's 'Build' button. It can also
generate code to use libglade if you prefer.

Regards, Dermot

snipped from the Changelog:
Fri Oct 20 01:19:45 BST 2000 - Dermot Musgrove <dermot musgrove virgin net>
  - Version 0.57
  - PerlUIGtk->new_GtkPixmap() fixed to use project logo as default rather
    than crash in flames if no pixmap is specified.
  - PerlUIExtra->new_GnomePixmap() now also uses project logo as default
  - PerlUI->Widget_from_Proto() fixed to report missing constructors 
    and properties correctly rather than die()ing.
  - $PerlUI::perl_gtk_depends updated to ignore gnome-db widgets until
    Gtk::Perl can handle them.
  - PerlRun->full_Path() fixed to remove any /../ parts in the filename
    so that the returned full path is exact and unique if possible.
  - PerlGenerate pod corrected and improved.
  - COPYING file changed to invite commercial users to make a donation to (donors perlmongers org) rather than me ;-> I borrowed the 
    COPYING file from a CPAN module and was embarrassed to reread it when
    Scott Barninger of Piedmont Airlines accepted the invitation!
  - PerlUI->internal_pack_widget() fixed to pack Gtk::PixmapMenuItem
    submenus correctly.
  - Glade-Perl.spec file borrowed from Gtk-Perl dist to allow RPM builds.
    This doesn't work yet - but if you can help ...
  - PerlSource amended to also write a method app_run() to
    and (first time) for any user UI initialisation code.
  - PerlGUIGtk->new_GtkButton() now caters for 'relief' (in Glade-0.5.10)
  - PerlGUIGtk->new_GtkToggleButton() now caters for 'relief' (as above)
  - Null source_directory now generates source in project directory (and
    not in ./src) to match the actions of Glade 0.5.11.
  - New error message if there are minus signs/spaces/dots in signal handler 
    names - they are substituted by _MINUS_/_SPACE_/_DOT_. This is really 
    to deal with the new (Glade 0.5.10) default widget names for combo_box
    entry widgets (eg combo-entry1 and handler on_combo-entry1_activate)
  - Changelog - this file reduced to versions >= 0.50. (Older on website)
  - If the user option <style> includes 'split' the app and signal handler
    modules will be generated with each class in its own file. See the
    test example to see how this works.
  - extended to test both the split base classes and the subclass.

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