DnD source steals "clicked" event from all widgets in app


I'm writing an app in which several scrolled windows contain buttons.  
The buttons are my DnD source, and the scrolled windows are the DnD
receivers.  So -- any button should be able to be dragged to any of my
scrolled windows.

It so happens that almost every drag and drop i perform, causes the source
widget (a button) to steal all "clicked" events that follow -- until I
click a varying number of times on the source widget itself.  this bug is
very strange -- when it occurs, the source widget from my previous drag
and drop steals a "clicked" event from _anything_ else that takes a click
event (menubar, scrollbar, or button) -- even if it's in another window in
the same app?  all other events appear to function normally (enter, leave,
and additional drag and drops) -- it's just the "clicked" that's broke?

I cannot trace my error to any specific sequence of events, but it
consistently happens at some point in using drag n drop.  Could anyone
please help me out?

Thanks much.

Donovan Artz
505 665 4072
NIS-9, AI SuperGuy
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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