Currently I am creating an application which spawns other unix tasks using 
execle and am not sure if this is a GTK+ limitation or not but the user 
selects from a CLIST a row , which represents a task, to start.  Below is 
the start_task code, which works fine if the input parameters are right, 
however if the parameters are not all right, then I get a unhealthy <async> 
error followed by a Gdk-ERROR ** BadIDChoice (invalid resource ID chosen 
for this connection).

Let me explain a little more carefully, there are Y number of parameters 
that I want sent to UNIX and so I have chosen to use execle to execute 
this.  Previous to that I call the fork() function.  Below is the code code 
and some (i hope) extraneous stuff left out.  The function below is a 
callback after the user pushes a push button.

void start_tasks(GtkWidget *button, gpointer display_tasks)
  char *env_init[]={"",NULL};

  for(count = 0; count < num_tasks; count++)
    /* string concatenate command together like 'ps -ef'  */
    if ((pid = fork()) < 0)
      perror("fork error");
    else if(pid == 0)
      glfio_printf("pid : %d \n",(int)getpid());
      command = execle(executable, arg1,arg2,arg3,(char *) 0, env_init);
      if(command < 0)
        perror("execle error");
        printf("error starting task: %s 
   if((pid !=0)&&(exe_status !=FALSE)
     /*  ------------------------------------------------
     -- save the pid of new process
     --------------------------------------------------- */
     printf("new process id: %d \n",pid);
     tasks->task_list[row].process_id = pid;
    /* some other stuff  */
 }  /* end for */

Do I need a waitpid when the execle command fails or is GTK+ not meant for 
execle to fail.  I certainly didn't expect my whole application to fail, 
even if a task fails to start.
Thanks ahead of time for your help.

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