sweep-0.1.1 Released

Version 0.1.1 of Sweep [1], a sound wave editor has been released.
Source is available from:


RedHat RPMs for i386 are also available:


Sweep is an editor for sound files. It can edit various formats such as
.wav, .aiff and .au, and has multiple undo/redo levels and filters. It
is Free Software, available under the GNU General Public Licence. 

This release incorporates a new loadable plugin interface, support for
ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture [2]) 0.6.0, support for LADSPA
loadable effects modules, some new plugins, new Hungarian, Italian and
German translations, and documentation updates, including a new Plugin
Writers Guide [3].

LADSPA [4] is an effort amongst the Linux Audio Development community to
produce a standardised interface for audio processing plugins. A large
number of existing filter and effects plugins exist for LADSPA in the
Computer Music Toolkit [5], including high and low pass filters,
compressors, expanders and limiters. In order to gain maximal use of Sweep
please install this toolkit.

Thanks especially to Paul Barton-Davis, Nicolas Léveillé, Silvia Pfeiffer,
Gergely Nagy and Yuri Bongiorno for contributions to this release.

[1] Sweep
[2] Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
[3] Sweep Plugin Writer's Guide
[4] Linux Audio Developers Simple Plugin API
[5] Computer Music Toolkit

ChangeLog entry for this release:

Sun Oct  8 14:55:21 EST 2000 Conrad Parker <conrad vergenet net>

        * merged in new native plugin interface
        * merged in ALSA 0.6.0 support from Paul Barton-Davis
        * added ladspameta plugin for LADSPA support
        * added byenergy plugin
        * added Hungarian translation by Gergely Nagy
        * added Italian translation by Yuri Bongiorno
        * added German translation by Silvia Pfeiffer
        * added plugin_writers_guide.txt in doc/
        * set up include/ directory, moved sweep*.h header files to it
        * changed colour scheme
        * changed sweep.png desktop icon to match new colours
        * many small changes since version 0.0.9
        * released version 0.1.0


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