Re: What fixed this ?

Manuel Menal <mmenal ifrance com> writes:
> I have an unusual question : I would like to know what fixed the bug
> which    caused    to   write   this[0]   message   when   closing   a
> GtkText(Buffer|View) ?
> I  explain  why.  I'm  using  tktext-port  (I  know I shouldn't, but I
> must.),  and  when  I close a GtkNoteBookPage containing a GtkTextView
> (using the line:
>   gtk_notebook_remove_page (GTK_NOTEBOOK (data->book), gtk_notebook_get_current_page (GTK_NOTEBOOK (data->book)));
> ),  I obtain this message. When I use Gtk+ 1.3.1, it doesn't appear. I
> took  a look at ChangeLog, but I didn't find... So, if anyone can help
> me,...

I remember fixing the bug; I'm guessing it was this change:

   * gtk/gtktextbtree.c (gtk_text_btree_node_remove_data): 
        Fix a bug when removing node data, we didn't properly 
        re-splice the linked list after removing the data.

I could be wrong though.

There are definitely other bugs in the tktext-port widget, though most
of them probably aren't too serious.


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