Re: Problems with drawing area

La plume légère, à Thu, Oct 12, 2000 at 01:52:12PM +0300, heure d'inpiration,
Dani Mezher écrivait en ces mots:
>     I am writing a graphical interface for a parallel numerical
> application. My interface receives numerical results via a socket from a
> cluster of workstations. My socket handle plots the results on a drawing
> area (mirrored on a pixmap in the XServer). The FrontEnd might receive

A drawing area and a pixmap are actually the same thing on the GDK side:
a GdkDrawable. So this is probably not worth it.

> multiple plot requests simultaneously. Sometimes, my application freezes
> (especially when I'm performing some window operations on the drawing
> area(resizing, refreshing,...). Is there any problems in the drawing
> area widget?? Is it re-entrant and thread safe?

It seems your frontend and your socket handle are separate processes, or
at least separate threads. In this case, you the problem comes from the back
that a connection to an X server can't be shared between two processes/threads.
Which means you can still use a multi-threaded X application, but that only
one thread should do the X operations.

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