gimp: '/usr/libexec/ Shared object "" not found'


On one system I installed the latest GIMP that came with FreeBSD 4.1.  That all
worked fine.

The system I'm building now had to be FreeBSD 3.4 for reasons that are
unimportant.  But I decided I wanted to update gimp  to [whatever the version is
that comes with FreeBSD 4.1].  So I installed it from a 4.1 CD.  FreeBSD 3.4
comes with gtk+, glib-1.2.6.  Thought I'd update them to 1.2.8.  I downloaded
and installed them with no complaints.  ./configure; make; make install for each
went fine.

Then I got the message '/usr/libexec/ Shared object ""
not found' from gimp.

I Uninstalled 1.2.8 versions.  Reinstalled 1.2.6 versions.  Reinstalled the old
gimp.  Still get the message.

Any suggestions?

I'd be happy to accept that shared library and any others that are needed, as



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