gtk main and slemr main

There may be a problem with using gtk and middleware together in the same 
application.  I was talking with Tom Phelan and he said that I can't have 
two main loops even though they are both waiting for different events to 
occur.  He mentioned some potenntially tricky scenarios.  One, that they 
did in Middleware once to solve this dilemma was to modify the middleware 
main loop and include the other event check in it, which probably is not a 
great solution.  For example, the following is

   middleware event_check;
   gtk event check

Secondly, I could create my own task loop and get the function calls that 
middlware uses and then include the API's that gtk_main() uses.  For 
somethine like.

  middleware event check;
  gtk event check;

If gtk does not provide the source code or API's to gtk_main, I don't see 
how I am going to use middleware and gtk together.  Either way, this is 
going to increase my project time since I am going to have to do some 
research in how the gtk_main loop works.


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