Re: new GTK+ display model

Max Harris <maxwell oreality com> writes:
> I want to hack GTK+ so that it draws with Mesa instead of GDK (without
> breaking the ability to switch back or compile to GDK for all those who
> run X).

Why don't you just do this by adding another port of GDK (in the
unstable development version). We already support Windows,
framebuffer, etc. in addition to X.
> If I submitted a patch that did this by providing alternate
> implementations of stuff like gtk_button_paint(), would it be accepted? Is
> anyone else interested in this?

Drawing abstraction should be on the GDK layer, which is the window
system abstraction layer. So most likely if it was in
gtk_button_paint(), no.

Have a look at the gdk/ and gdk/x11 directories in GTK+ devel version
to see what's up. If you want to add a window system or drawing kit
port, develop a patch against CVS HEAD.


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