Re: Installation Problems under Solaris

Valdis Kletnieks vt edu wrote:
> On Tue, 03 Oct 2000 16:14:39 +0200, Drazen Kacar said:
> > That's the only file in ../include/sys directory. I don't have the exact
> > OS and compiler versions which the original poster used, but the contents
> > on Solaris 7 gcc 2.95.1 installation is:
> Note that that's on solaris *7* - which may have header files sufficiently
> cleaned up by Sun that fixincludes only saved that one file as needing to
> be modified.  It's quite possible that Solaris *6* (as indicated by the
> pathname) had a whole raft of include files modified).
> Also, I'd not be surprised if 2.95.1 (which you comment on) and 2.95.2
> (as indicated by the original pathname) have different ideas on what needed
> to be fixincluded.
> Remember that the whole *PROBLEM* with fixincludes is that it's very fragile
> across operating system levels and compiler levels (which is why it includes
> both in the pathname to where it stores the "fixed" files).

You're correct in general. I have Solaris 2.6 with gcc 2.8.1 and that one
doesn't even have sys subdirectory. That's again not the exact version,
so it doesn't prove anything. However, I have a pretty good understanding
of Solaris OS include files on 2.6 and later versions, because I had to.

So, based on my experience, I'd say that the include files are OK for C.
The collisions happen with g++ include files, because of internal usage
in g++ include files, so it's necessary to wrap OS include files.
But it's not because the OS include files are broken. I had some
problems of this kind with my 2.95.1 and C++ programs, meaning some
additional files should be wrapped (maybe they are in 2.95.2), but never
with C code.

This doesn't help, because it's speculation. Now, Haydn said he still
had problems, but that's not very helpful. So, Haydn, is -I/usr/include
present on the compile line or not?

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