ANNOUNCE: gtk-image-viewer-0.0.1

I have just uploaded to my web site the first version of the interactive
image display widget gtk-image-viewer. 

Here is the README file.

            GtkImageViewer - An image viewer widget for gtk
                Dov Grobgeld <dov imagic weizmann ac il>
                         29 November 2000
                          Version 0.0.1


As a writer of several scientific image displaying tools I have always
wanted a good general purpose image display widget. The goal of the
GtkImageViewer widget is to fullfill that gap. Its interaction is a
mixture of the user interfaces of Gimp and of xv. The widget itself
handles zoom and panning. Additional functionality may be added
through callbacks.

The GtkImageViewer is perfectly suited to be used by any photo display
program and will provide a uniform interface for interacting with

Currently I have released the sources under the GPL, but I am ready
to change the licence to LGPL at least for the widget, if there is
any interest.


gtk-image-viewer.c    The source.

gtk-image-viewer.h    The header file.

test-wdg.c            A simple example of the use of the widget.    

giv.c                 A powerful image display program that allows
                      zoomable vector overlays - called marks - on
                      top of the image. giv will eventually be
                      released into an archive of its own. Run with
                      -help to get some help about the program.

example.marks         Example of a simple marks file.


Please send in your comments and patches.

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