What am I doing wrong?

Ok, I've got the following function I use to enable
or disable a menu item. However, it's causing my
program to segfault on startup and quit depending on
what I do. Here's my code.

void change_menu_item_state(GtkItemFactory *menu, gchar *path, gboolean
   GtkWidget *tmp;
   gchar *newpath;

   /* This is necessary because gtk_item_factory_get_widget() *
    * does not like underscores. So we rip 'em out.           */
   while((*newpath = *path++) != '\0')
      if(*newpath != '_')
/*   printf("--%s--\n", newpath); */
   tmp = gtk_item_factory_get_widget(menu, newpath);
   gtk_widget_set_sensitive(tmp, state);

If I uncomment the printf(), my program segfaults
right when I start the program. If I keep it commented,
I can run the program, but then it segfaults right
when I quit. What am I doing wrong? It's probably
something trivial that has to do with memory allocation,
but I'm stil pretty new at that.

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