Re: [gtk-list] GTK Bindings for Java

"David B. Lawson" <> writes:
> I'm going to see what is on SourceForge first but I intend to start
> working soon.  If anyone has any info on this (or valuable experience)
> I'd appreciate it.  I've not constructed GTK bindings for any other

Elliot <> has done some stuff like this.

> language but I'm a big fan of GTK and really think Java could benefit
> from GTK bindings.

The key thing for any language binding is to try to automatically
generate as much as possible. Otherwise you have 1400 functions to
wrap by hand, and even if you finish that, as soon as GTK 1.4 comes
out there are maybe 200 new functions plus small changes throughout
the rest of the library, and you are royally screwed.

gnome-python is very good about using autogeneration.


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