Re: [gtk-list] GtkHPaned bug? (1.2.7)

Konrad Podloucky <> writes:

> It really is a problem with the gtkhpaned.c file. I replaced the
> one in 1.2.7 with the one from 1.2.6 compiled it, et voilá: it
> works.
> Right now, I don't have the time to hunt for this bug, I'll
> schedule this for next week. Still very strange though, because
> the changes made in 1.2.7 are minimal...
> Hmmmm... Maybe an 64-bit related problem? I'm running this on
> alpha.

We just tested it here on a (Linux) Alpha system and it works

 - What operating system?
 - What compiler?

I'm not sure I can offer a lot of assistance in debugging the
problem other than point where to look - the final size is
assigned to the widget in gtk_hpaned_size_allocate(), so that
would be the first function to investigate.


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