Re: GnomeHello & jade errors: about to go nuts

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Larry Morley <> writes:
> > jade: ../gdp-handbook.sgml:1:69:W: cannot generate system identifier
> > for public text "-//GNOME/DTD DocBook PNG Variant V1.0//EN"
> You need to set up the DocBook PNG variant for now, this need will go
> away once the new official DocBook version comes out with PNG support.

Well, I tried it; no luck.  I'm using RH6.1 so I put the DTD and
updated my /usr/lib/sgml/CATALOG to include it:

PUBLIC "-//GNOME//DTD DocBook PNG Variant V1.0//EN"

Wasn't quite sure where in the file to put the line, so I tried a
variety of places.  Didn't seem to make a difference.

gdp-both.dsl is in /usr/lib/sgml/stylesheets, so that's ok...
Also, I mv'd cygnus-both.dsl to cygnus-both.dsl.bak; then
ln -s gdp-both.dsl cygnus-both.dsl, so I know it's using the corr-
ect one.

One thing I did notice is that when I ran it against the SGML file
for GnomeHello, it was using "Davenport"; I still got the "cannot
generate system identifier for public text..." only this time it
was for "-//Davenport//DTD DocBook...".

On the off chance something might have gotten trashed, I wiped every-
thing DocBook off of my system and reinstalled it.  Still no differ-

> On they hopefully document how to get this
> set up.
> Havoc

They did, sort of.  Something still seems to be missing though.
Any ideas as to what could be going on?  I'm really about ready to
hang it up.  I can't believe this is being such a nuisance.


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