db2html - just missing a few things...

Well, I found gtk-hello.tar.gz which I was trying to hunt down the
other day by going thru the links at developer.gnome.org.  Thanks to
all who responded.

The app is looking for db2html, and now so am I :(  Found a lot of
references to it in message postings, and some RPMS, but I'm not
clear on which one(s) I really need - some of the postings indicated
it was a wrapper script that invoked another utility?  Others, and
from the RPM info I found, seemed to indicate it was part of
"doctools" or "DocTools".  Which is it, or are both viable altern-

I found a bunch of stuff under DocTools at the cygnus site, and am
in the process of downloading it.  Is that what I'm looking for?
Just a brief sanity check here - it is a utility that takes an
SGML file and turns it into an HTML file, right?

I'm running RedHat 6.1; AFAIK I installed all the Gnome/GTK+ devel
packages; rpm2html is definitely not on my system.

Can anyone clarify 1) what it is, 2) where it is, and 3) how you
set it up and use it a little?

Larry Morley

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