Re: [gtk-list] How to catch accelerators

On 20 Mar 2000, Noel Burton-Krahn wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a main window with a menu and a couple of text boxes.  The menu
> has keyboard accelerators.  After a user types in a text boxes, the
> box hogs the keyboard focus.  Once a text box has the focus, key
> events never trigger my menu accelerators.
> My question: How do filter keyboard events for accelerators mo matter
> what control has the focus?

i guess the main problem here is that the text widgets key press handler
always returns TRUE (for event-is-handled) and thus the accelerator
bindings are never tried.
we may give accelerators precedence in future gtk versions (to work around
similar problems occouring for plug/socket combinations), however untill
then, you might get away with:

gtk_signal_connect_after (GTK_OBEJCT (text_widget), "key-press-event",
                          GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (gtk_false), NULL);

> --Noel


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