menu item selection w/o losing the menu?

 Hello. 8-)
 I miss a feature in gtk+ (at least in 1.2.x) menus that I know from
Amiga: When I pull a menu (any menubar) I want to be able to click
a button (say the right one) and thus select the item while the menu
stays open. For example with settings in submenu View of the Gimp
1.1.17 context menu there are quite a few checkable items and I'd like
to select this one and that and another one with one activation of the
 I know that I can windowize the menu (I don't know the right term for
this action) and then do whatever I want, but I think this Amiga
feature could make a usable shortcut when I don't want the menu on my
screen but I do want to set several of the options...
 I tried to add the feature myself but the pure C is too much for me
so I didn't even find the right place in the sources to do it.
 Take care

                            Jacek Kopecky
--      ICQ: 49514837
Finger  kopeckyj(at) for Geek Code.

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