Corruption in Gtk 1.2.6->1.2.7

Havoc and other Gtk Developers,

  I'm the lead developer of a fairly large project ( 
One of our products is called ObjectManager.  Under Gtk 1.2.5 ObjectManager
works great, a result of excellent coding (bow).  Under 1.2.6 and 1.2.7 I get
random segfaults, always within the first three clicks.  There's obviously
something bad in 1.2.6 that was carried over.  We discovered this today, and it
has been confirmed by the other developers on the project.

OM makes extensive use of clists and glists, if that helps.  How can I assist? 
It is very important, so you have my complete cooperation.  That includes
telnet access, cores, gdb output, whatever, source, xdm, anything.


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