Re: Passing a struct through a gtk_connect_signal

Hi ALL :-)

First of all, thanks for all that replied to my e-mail.

I already knew the solution you gave me, but was wondering if there would
not be a trick to avoid the global declaration/definition of a structured
type, e.g., declaring the struct in main() as static or something like
that... The problem is that so I can't cast user_data to the right type
and I've not found any tip on this on my C books allaround (e.g.
Oualline/Practical C Programing)... By the way, I don't really see much
difference between the definition of the struct as global (and then use
the variables directly) and the definition of a structured type (with
which I would then declare a new variable into main() and then pass it to
my callback)... 

Anyway, I'll implement the suggested solution. Thanks A LOT for the help! 

Rafael (8-)

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