Re: [gtk-list] right click menu

I'm a little new to Gtk myself, but I'm quite sure pop-up menus are
possible using a GtkMenu see the function gtk_menu_popup

Now all you need to do is test for the right mouse button instead of a
regular single click (See Pennington's book pg. 203 for info about
GDK_BUTTON[1-5]_MASK Modifier masks.

As always I could be wrong and if I am I'm sure someone on this list will 
provide a rapid correction.


On Fri, Mar 10, 2000 at 04:03:09PM -0800, david rohde wrote:
> Hi,
> Can any one tell me what library the little right click menu comes from that is
> shown in GNOME, it appears not to be part of GTK+.
> Thanks
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