Re: [gtk-list] Re: gdk_threads_enter is not reentrant

Thanks, Sebastian.  I just submitted a bug report.  I could make the
changes to glib myself and send you a diff if you like.


> Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000 08:33:19 +0000
> From: Sebastian Wilhelmi <>


> Ok, I agree, that we might want to do that on a "You get, what you pay for"
> base. I'll have a look into making that pluggable. However note, that as GLib
> provides a portable thread code, we can't simply use pthread_self, but
> g_thread_self(), which isn't currently found in glib-1.2.*, but will be in
> Version 1.4.
> Actually I seldom program GUIs. I'm more into low-level stuff. But I really
> think, that it shouldn't be hard to know, what functions hold the lock, and
> which don't. To make it obvious, just write it above every function, whether
> it holds the lock or not (We are doing it that way in GLib). Then
> GTK+-functions must be called holding the lock. GTK+ callbacks hold the lock,
> Other Callbacks don't. 
> Sure, it is a burden. I'll have a look. There might be an alternative for 1.4.

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