Re: [gtk-list] Re: gtk-perl mailing list (or others)

Dermot Musgrove wrote:

> Owen Taylor wrote:
> >
> > (If somebody wants to volunteer to set up a better mailing
> > list archive package on and migrate the archives
> > over,. I'm sure something could be arranged...)
> >

  Pardon for the lateness of this, but I find to be a
pretty handy list server.   Tor's gimpwin-dev is on egroups, and here's some
pros and cons:

1.  Everything is free and paid for by 2-line text ads at the bottom of each
member posting.
2.  Nobody ever gets contacted by egroups off-list, except of course the
3.  You can have archives.  All email addresses on public archives are munged
so as to be un-spammable.
4.  Setting up a group is a pretty simple process of filling out a few web
page forms.
5. They have security options about who gets to post, who gets to subscribe,
etc.  We have _never_ gotten UCE's.

1.   Their "digest mode" sucks, all they send you is a url to their archives.
2.    If your list goes dead silent for maybe a year, they delete it.
(Fat chance with this list!  ;)


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