Re: [gtk-list] Undefined symbol _xstat in libX11

Paul Tyson <> writes:
> I recently installed GNU glibc-2.1.2 and gcc 2.95.2.  Looks like I broke
> something.  Any clues?

Good guess, this is a classic "I upgraded libc and/or gcc and now
everything is hosed" situation, especially common on a certain
shall-remain-unnamed distribution that lacks a package tool, but also
common when people bypass the package tool with tarballs.

Did you use a package tool like RPM or dpkg to do the upgrade? If you
used --force or --nodeps or --force-depends then you shouldn't
have. If you didn't use a package tool, then you should have used
one. (Just some advice to avoid this kind of thing...)

If you did use a package tool, with dependencies, then the packages
you used were probably broken...

That said, my guesses for fixing it are:
 - you have the old libc/gcc or parts of them still lying around in
   the same prefix as the new ones. 
   You need to get rid of them. For example maybe in /usr/lib/gcc-lib
 - you installed the new libc/gcc to a different prefix, and 
   you need to tweak PATH and/or LD_LIBRARY_PATH and you may 
   need to remove config.cache so configure looks for the 
   new stuff.

(For future reference, you should probably ask this sort of thing on
the mailing list for your Linux distribution (like debian-user or
redhat-list) since it is a broken system rather than a GTK problem...)


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