Re: [gtk-list] Statusbar Overflow?

George Deprez <> writes:
> Hello All,
> I was wondering if  GTK_STATUSBAR will overflow if too much is pushed
> into it.
> I have an app where the mouse position is pushed into it whenever
> motion is detected.
> Should I pop it before adding another?
> I did not see a gtk_statusbar_clear(); it seems like this would be a
> nice function.
> Also, gtk_statusbar_get_context_id () asks for a context_description.
> I just put "mouseX" and "mouseY".
> What is the significance of this?
> Finally, would it be better to switch to GnomeAppbars? So far, I am
> sticking to gtk widgets.

My book explains how to use the status bar and app bar, should give
you a nice comparison between them.


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