Re: [gtk-list] Gdk (and Xlib) text drawing

Derek Simkowiak <> writes: 
> 	gdk_draw_text(), on the other hand, takes the "gint text_length"
> argument.  With that length, I assume I don't have to have a
> NULL-terminated string.  I.e., if I pass it a gchar *buffer that has 3
> megs of character data, but text_length is set to 5, I will only be
> sending those 5 character's worth of data to the server--correct?  I won't

Yes, that's right.
>  { 'a', 'b', '\0', 'c', 'd', 'e', 'f', ... }
> 	Will it only draw "ab", or will it draw up to the 'd'?  If it will
> actually draw all five characters, how will it try to render the '\0'?

In my experience it draws abcd. I don't know if the behavior is
well-defined though. I would say avoid this situation.


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