ANNOUNCE : The GLM 2000-02

Hi Everyone !

The second issue of the GLM is out and lies on
Old issue(s) can be found by selecting
the "GLM / old issue" link on this page.

The "GTK Lists Monthly" newsletter provides
a fast access to the cool and important things 
that happened during the past month on the GTK+ 
mailing lists.

To quote Karl Nelson again (one of the base GTK-- 
team member) : "Projects have short collective 
memories and people are often too busy to 
continously keep up with the development. Digging 
back three months to find that something was 
discussed in 2 messages here and 4 messages there 
is an act in futility."

See the EDITO and the TOC below for more


I got a lot of comments about the first GLM issue, 
ranging from "good grunt work" (thanks a lot:) to 
"add more links" or "you may change this". I wish 
to thanks those who took the time to read 2000-01 
and I hope they'll have some pleasure to read this 
issue too! 

So here is the second issue (lets call it 2000-02 :). 
I just changed the licensing type (see the new 
license text at 
in order to distinguish this project from my old 
bsd-style projects. If you have comments or idea to 
improve the licensing, just send me a mail 
(see my email below). 

I have extended my GTK lists reading to gtk-docs-list 
and gtk-i18n-list (these are not widely spread and 
having informations about these should be great). 
Support for the new gtk-perl-list is not provided at 
this time (I promise you'll get it next month). 

In order to get this resource more valuable, I'm 
planning to track down the GNoME lists too. To do 
so, I really need some help, for two main reasons : 

  * well, I do not have time to read all the GNoME 
    lists (reading the 1000 mails by month on the 
    GTK+ lists is probably the best I can do for 
    the moment) 

  * I must confess that I do not have a great knowledge 
    of GNoME - and I may not be competent to track 
    the interesting threads. 

This is my own CFGW (Call For Grunt Workers [tm]). If 
you are interested, send me your proposals at [subject GNoME Lists Monthly]. The 
first completely gnomified issue of the GLM should be 
2000-04 which is scheduled at the beggining of May 

Sincerely yours, Emmanuel 


1. Edito
2. News from the GTK+ Lists
  2.1 Announces
3. Discussions
  3.1 Hashing string 
  3.2 What about a g_malloc callback? 
  3.3 Window in Window MDI conception 
  3.4 GTK+ Widgets : whole bar dragging for panels and 
      the return of the new text widget
4. Proposals/update to the FAQ
  4.1 I need to add a new signal to a GTK+ widget. 
      Any idea?
5. Special interest : links
  5.1 GeoCrawler searchable mailing lists archives
  5.2 GTK+ widget repository
6. Misc


Next issue is scheduled for the first week of
April 2000. Comments and/or suggestion should
be sent to this list or directly to me (

Hope this is of interest,


PS. for Tony :
The FAQ updates will now come with a diff 
file - it will be easier to get them back 
in the gtkfaq.sgml CVS version :)

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