Re: [gtk-list] Memprof library (libbfd) problem

Derek Simkowiak <> writes:

>     Hello,
> 	I'm trying to install Memprof from Owen's homepage.  This is on my
> i386 Mandrake 6.1 system.
> 	Unfortunately:
> [root@localhost dereks]# rpm -ivh memprof-0.3.0-1.i386.rpm 
> error: failed dependencies:
> is needed by memprof-0.3.0-1
> 	I have this:
> [root@localhost dereks]# rpm -qa | grep binutils
> binutils-
> 	...which has this:
> [root@localhost dereks]# rpm -ql binutils | grep libbfd
> /usr/lib/
> /usr/lib/libbfd.a
> /usr/lib/
> /usr/lib/
> 	...but I have the more up-to-date instead of
> that is needed by Memprof.  This is not just a
> problem with the RPM, either: the binary actually requires that version:
> [root@localhost dereks]# rpm -i --nodeps memprof-0.3.0-1.i386.rpm 
> user otaylor does not exist - using root
> group otaylor does not exist - using root
> [...many repeats of the otaylor error, it'd be nice to fix this...]
> [root@localhost dereks]# ldd /usr/bin/memprof | grep libbfd
> => not found
> 	I really don't feel like downgrading my, or like fscking
> up my RPM database by installing .tar.gz distributed libraries.  Is there
> anything I can do?  This is really annoying.
> --Derek
> P.S.> I'm curious as to why is required, instead of
> simply

Grab the memprof RPM off of - it links statically
against libbfd (as does the (unstable) latest CVS version.) The
problem is that libbfd uses the -release flag to libtool, so eeach
release gets a different .so. 

The 'otaylor' thing is also fixed in the rawhide SRPM. Both
of these problems would be OK as well if you simply 
did rpm --rebuild memprof-0.3.0-1.src.rpm.

(It's worth spending a bit of time learning how RPM works if
you are going to be developing on one of the many distributions
that use RPM.)


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