RE: [gtk-list] Re: entry input verification [Was: Uppercase only

Hmm. Odd. It's getting reset after returning from your callback.
Haven't found where yet though.


On 01-Mar-2000 Vlad Harchev wrote:
>   I posted a message 2 weeks ago with subject 'cursor position
> handling by
> GtkEntry' - I complained about this strange behaviour of GtkEntry.
> Seems that
> even deleting all text in entry (by gtk_entry_set_text(e,"") and
> returning
> current content back won't update cursor position at all). So,
> cursor handling
> is almost broken for GtkEntry. I guess standard hack could help
> (not tested) -
> adding new idle one-shot callback that will position cursor to
> correct place 
> and remove itself from list of iddle callbacks could work, but what
> will 
> happen if used is typing very fast?
>   No one replied to that message I've posted.
>  Best regards,
>   -Vlad
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