Re: GtkClist crashing when elements = 0;

On Fri, Jun 30, 2000 at 02:02:26AM -0500, Chema Celorio wrote:
> GtkClist is crashing on me when it doesn't have any elements.
> Is this a know problem ? Or am I missing something ?

Yes, you might be missing something:

> 	gchar *name_array[1];
> 		name_array[0] = g_strdup(name);
> 		gtk_clist_remove (GTK_CLIST (available_list), 0);
> 		new_row = gtk_clist_append (GTK_CLIST (installed_list), name_array);

The array of items appended to a clist needs to be NULL terminated.
Also, I believe you need to free the memory allocated from the
g_strdup(), since the clist automatically copies the text being


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