problem on aborted with core dump

  I wrote a dialog application.  This dialog has
two buttons (BT1, BT2).  Basically, I click BT1,
the screen will change its size, and if I click
BT2, the screen will change its size again.  This
program is doing many hardware access or (read,
& write through i2c port to the video and tv chip).
 However, I could not click BT1, and then click Bt2,
otherwise I will get core dump.  Meanwhile,
if I want to click Bt1 and BT2 after, I have to exit
the dialog once before I click Bt2 in order to avoid
the core dump.

I hope my description will not confuse you.  I would like
to know what possibility that cause the core dump.  I would
very appreciate, some one who has any idea, or suggestions.

Thanks a lot. 


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