Draft GTK+ Tutorial in DocBook

I've completed initial conversion of the tutorial into DocBook format
(from linuxdoc).

As I am bound to have made an error to two during the conversion (of
the 480 pages :-) ), if you have some spare time, I would appreciate
it if you could pick a section and check it for errors against the
old style version.

A packaged version of both is at ftp://ftp.gtk.org/pub/gtk/tutorial
  db-gtk-tutorial.20000721.tar.gz - new DocBook
  gtk_tutorial.20000721.tar.gz - old linuxdoc

They both contain lots of different formats.

Also, the new version is available at:


and the old version is at:


 - The DocBook version is more up to date (but differences are minor)
 - The DocBook version has the images in the PDF and PS versions, the
       old version doesn't
 - I don't like the Prev/Next stuff at the top/bottom of the DocBook
       HTML version - anyone have anything for sorting this out (with
       icons, for example)?

I'm going away for the weekend, but will pick things up again on



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