key bindings problem (cut & paste)

Hi All, 

I'm trying to override the default cut & paste key bindings 
to work with the SunKeys (Copy/Paste/cut), I've also tried 
on linux with other keys (F1/F2/F3). I can't get it to work. 

I'm using gtk 1.2.8. 

Here is how I'm defining the key bindings in my gtkrc : 
--- start gtkrc ----- 
binding "cut" 
 bind "F1" { 
   "copy-clipboard" () 
   # debug msg here to check if the binding was called 
   "debug-msg" ("Copy called") 
 bind "F2" { 
   "paste-clipboard" () 
   "debug-msg" ("Paste called") 

# bind the binding set to all instance of GtkEdutable 

class "GtkEditable" binding "cut" 
--- end gtkrc --- 

The bindings doesn't seem to be called if I'm pressing F1 or F2 
in any instance of GtkEntry or GtkText for any app (after reloading 
the gtkrc). 

But If I'm changing the bind to a more generic widget 
e.g. : class "GtkWidget" binding "cut" 
The bindings are properly processed. 

I get the following error message, which is fair enought as 
copy-clipboard signal is not defined in GtkWindow. But the debug-msg works. 

Gtk-WARNING **: gtk_binding_entry_activate(): binding "test::F1": could not 
find signal "copy-clipboard" in the `GTkWindow' class ancestry 
Gtk-DEBUG: Copy called 

Could someone tell me if I'm making any obvious error ?! 

And/or tell me if somebody managed override the default key binding 
for cut/paste/copy ? 



Say Bye to Slow Internet!

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