[ANN] GtkEditor version 0.1.0

After lying dormant for close to a year, we're back developing the
GtkEditor widget.

GtkEditor is a source code editor widget for GTK+.  It is currently
used, in one version or another, in several GTK+/GNOME applications,
including gIDE, VDKBuilder, GXEdit and Bluefish.

The gtkeditor widget is sub-classing the gtktext widget and after
initialisation, the editor widget can be treated as the usual text
widget, and all source-code editing features are taken care of by the
widget itself.  The behaviour of the editor is decided by dynamic
libraries loaded during initialisation of the widget.  These libraries
can be coded by hand or (in the future) created using tools supplied 

The latest version, version 0.1.0, of GtkEditor can be found at

New in this version:

 * The widget is no longer dependent on the gtksctext widget but only
   the gtktext widget.  Once a replacement for the gtktext widget has
   been decided for, we will support this.

 * The highlighting routines have been redesigned and reimplemented
   with considerable speedup as a result.  Since we're building on 
   top of the current gtktext widget, there are still some performance
   problems though.

 * The editor widget has gone through a major redesign.  As a
   consequence the API has changed somewhat. The new design is
   described at the project homepage at 

The benefits of the redesign is more flexible configuration of the
editor widget (through dynamic libraries), getting rid of gtksctext or
patching gtktext, and a the speedup in the syntax highlighting.
The unfortunate side-effects are the loss of guile-support, hints,
and register highlighting, not to mention the broken API.

The latest release, version 0.1.0, is the first release based on the
new design.  In the near future we will use the 0.1.x series for
tuning in on the right API for the editor, and for developing tools
(widgets and stand alone tools) for configuration of the widget.  The
0.1.x will be our development series and thus the API will be in a lot
of flux, so application developers are advised to stick with the 0.0.x
series until we reach 0.2.0.  However, during development on the 0.1.x
series we would greatly appreciate any feedback from users of
GtkEditor.  We are doing our best to provide a useful widget, but we
are limited to our own experience with the widget.  We would like to
hear what other users feel should go into the next version, what has
to go, and what has to be redesigned.  And of course, new developers
are always welcome.


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