[gtk-perl] statement of database

I currently create an application that can manage the football (soccer)
So i create a database.
And i need to keep the statement of the database in all my application, 

but the "rules" of building with "glade_perl" is to make 2 .pm files :
first with signal   : Foot.pm
Second with the UI  : FootUI.pm

And here is my problem: because i need to put data of my championship 
in a CLIST widge , which widget is located in the FootUI.pm file and my 
connection to the database is located in Foot.pm, so what must i do to solve
my problem?

All i have found is to make only 1 file with both but i'd like to continue
to use Glade, and if i make 1 only 1 file, at the next "generation" of glade
i have to start again from the beginning.

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