ANNOUNCE: FAQ and Tutorial update

I've uploaded an update to both the GTK+ FAQ and Tutorial to the
GTK+ web site. Also, a packaged version of the Tutorial to the
GTK+ FTP site (containing all the usual formats).

New FAQ Entries:
	o Data I pass to the delete_event (or other event) handler gets corrupted.
	o How do I reparent a widget?
	o How could I get any widgets position? (UPDATED)
	o How do I set the size of a widget/window? How do I prevent the user
                                resizing my window? (UPDATED)
	o How do I create a pixmap without having my window realized/shown?
	o How do I stop the column headings of a GtkCList disappearing?
	o How do I make a GtkEntry widget activate on pressing the Return key?

Tutorial changes:
	o Don't recommend using an internal signal function. Doh!
	o New section on GtkCalendar + example code.



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