RE: [gtk-list] gtk and 3d graphics

GTK+ is a widget set ... a toolkit for creating two-dimensional graphical
user interfaces.  Mesa is an open-source implementation of the OpenGL API
... a toolkit for drawing three-dimensional objects.  So the relationship
between the two is that you would use GTK+ to handle the windows, menus,
buttons, etc. for your program, and Mesa/OpenGL to draw your 3D images.

If you prefer using C++ to C, you may want to look at the SDPGTK libraries,
a set of C++ wrappers for GTK+ that include Mesa/OpenGL support.

Timothy M. Shead

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> Im am new to GTK and MESA.  I was wondering what is the difference between
> the 2 before I go off and start doing some 3d programming.  Everything I
> have done with 3d has been in java(not java3d).  I can't seem to find
> comparisons..  I don't even know if GTK can do it because I haven't seen
> any examples anywhere.. however since gnome is based on it I would imagine
> someone could?>
> Thanks for your opinions..
> Ron Petty
> University of Kentucky
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