gtk-perl mailing list


I have had a look at sourceforge,net and it seems very easy to set up a
mailing list. I would like to ask the list for advice.

Would any members of this list subscribe to a gtk-perl or glade-perl
mailing list?

Would the members of this list like the perlers to migrate to another list?

I don't want to lose the expertise of programmers of other persuasions
but I have had a few private emails asking about a more specific list and
several questions that relate more to perl (and its OO nature) than to 
Gtk+ itself.

I don't want to fragment the community but perhaps it would be better in 
the long run to stop annoying the C/C++/Ada/Eiffel/Haskell programmers :)

I would value your advice.

Regards, Dermot

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