Re: [gtk-list] Re: Best Configuration?

Thanks for replying.
Yes, the console apps are text-based and somewhat computation intensive.
As for the book, I will hunt it out.
If you think of anything else please let me know.

> >     Given this time constraint and the fact that I have written a lot
> > of C++ console apps which will become modules of the larger work and
> > that I would like to make it freely available to the linux communitee
> > when it is finished, what, if any, would be your recommendations for
> > setting up the environement?
>         How do you define "console apps"?  Text-based applications?
> > Specifically, what libraries, what compilation tools, what helper apps
> > would I need that would ensure a reliable, hassle-free production
> > environment? Any comments appreciated.
>         You've got the important stuff.  Now get a copy of the book
> "Programming with GNU Software", published by O'Reilly&Associates.
> --Derek
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