Re: [gtk-list] Makefiles

On Wed, 02 Feb 2000 17:45:29 +0000 (GMT), Phil Huish <se96ph> wrote:
> I've got my main file in my main source directory,
> this directory has a directory for the GTK frontend files and a directory
> for the files that deal with the inside of the game...
> how do i write a makefile that understands this...

The difficult answer: In the main Make, use this for target "all:"

          $MAKE -C subdir1 all
          $MAKE -C subdir2 all

This assumes that you use GNU make. If you don't, use:

          (cd subdir1 ; make all)
          (cd subdir2 ; make all)

The easy answer: use automake + autoconf to handle your Makefiles. With
automake, it's just a matter of using the SUBDIRS variable in the main

  SUBDIRS = subdir1 subdir2

and all your subdirectories will be visited by make.


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